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This page is a set of questions that people often ask me, or that I have not yet had time to make the right material. I'll update it just as much as I do ...

I completed my formal education when I graduated from college in 2013; however, I am still studying textbooks, Course and Experiences ...

I went to Iowa State University and waved in information management systems. This is mainly IT management-think of informatics, but replace all mathematical and physical classes with business classes, and replace most programs with networking, project management, and database.

-I do. It teaches you a tough set of skills, and it gives you a well-rounded business education, in addition to building some of the skills of communication. It was said, remember that I didn' t work in this area with my junior corporate internship, so talk to the school counselor before I take my advice, not notice

3.46 (out of possible 4). My GPA was good, but not perfect, and I'm totally satisfied with that. I started college with the intention of making perfect estimates, but in a couple of years, I realized that my time would be better spent in my personal projects because of the nature of my goals. As a businessman, no one will ever ask my GPA to judge my merits-they will take care of my own.

I ask a lot about this, and I would be assigned to "ENTJ". However, MBTI is it.

As for Youtube: Simply start making video and gain mastery. Check out my friend.

Your channel will probably be better if you focus on something rather than making it very general. And do not choose "personal development" as your theme-people only want to listen to "personal development of the guru", who already has a ton of success in his life. They don't care that you read 50 business books. Get more specific ...

Caveat: For 99% of YouTube's recommendations that I could give you, there are people who have done exactly the opposite and the wild successes. So take something that I'm talking to the salt ...I want to have fun making a video? Then do it and don't worry about anything, I say-my strategy on YouTube is very based on results and growth ..

Info Geek College is my company, and it works full time. Here is a breakdown of what is included:.

  • YouTube-study, violinting, surveying, editing, creation of motion charts, sketches and drawings, writing full blog entries for each video.
  • Guest-booking, recording, editing.
  • Writing Offline Articles-I do this very rarely these days; Rance writes most of them now.
  • Marketing-writing newsletters, publishing material on social media.
  • Answers to electronic letters-please send help.
  • In schools, by the way.Participating in meetings.
  • Administration-bookkeeping, booking of trips, other different bits and diamonds.
  • The man in the middle of the day is a guided tour.
  • Sometimes I deal with huge and disposable projects. The past is:

  • Develop a site theme from scratch in Photoshop.
  • I've done the first five years, but no more! Now I get help from these amazing people:

    Advertising, camaraderie, talking royalties, book sales.I also earn my income by advertising my other podcast,

    In the future, I will create and sell courses ...

    It's hard to boil five years of work in anecdotes, but here's a few:

  • I started with a hobby of the subject and had no intention of making money at first.
  • I create deadlines and make myself publish consistently-because this is what professionals do, and you have to act as a professional if you want to be alone.
  • If something has already been done, my goal is to do it better or to find a unique angle on it.
  • I was building relationships with people I could study with.
  • I listen to my audience and create things that help with the problems they tell me about.
  • I recognized the ton.
  • The CIG theme is a very custom-it was a joint project between Martin Boam and himself, and it was built according to my exact needs and to accommodate all the little kwarks my site has acquired over five years of existence ..

    However, it is at the top.

    I cannot answer every question (see below). My duty is higher), but the best place to ask is: