Applications and tools i use every day to build the college info geek

Last Update on December 16, 2014.

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I’ve always been allocated by learning what tools people use to do things …

There’s a relay new site.

I don’t think I’m the only one in this session. One of the most interesting features of Batman is his seat belt, and our eyes light up when we see James Bond get a cool new gadget. I also often ask this question:

“Hey, Tom, what tools do you use to keep everything that works at the Info Geek College?”

Consider this post my answer to this question. It’s also a chance for me to get out. There is.

I also included some of the real equipment that helps me work downstairs, so if you’re looking for a shot of my workspace here, you’ll find it …

In addition, I will not mention social networks or megha-obvenous things like web browsers or operating systems. It was said, let ‘ s do it!Slack is an amazing application to communicate with a team that returns a little nostalgia when I used IRC-language. I now have a team in the CIG (Laura and Mega both help with the slot and seed other things), and I work a lot with the team at

With beautiful applications, in-ass integrations with other services (Trello, Spotify, Giphy, etc.), Sag has almost completely completed e-mail with people on my teams. I’m going to lose my mind.To me, Treullo is the best tool for team projects. Him.

Martin used it to complete the CIG redesign this year-which, as you might have told on the screenshot above, was.

While I love Trello for team projects, this is not my ideal system for personal tasks. For those, I use Todonist. He got a simple, minimalist design (for some reason, I don’t like UI Wunderlist anymore) and synex between all my applications and Todist Web site ..

I also love the label system; I use it for my purpose.

My site, video, and podcast wouldn’t look.

In fact, I’ve created all the layout for this site in Photoshop, and my mockery for each type of page (homepage, blog, one article) has more than 100 lers and spent a ton of Effort on production. However, this work has made it ezier

I create new video every week on my YouTube channel, and Premiere Pro, where I do most of my editing after I finish getting all the frames that I need …

The PM is able to laugh, and it makes it easy to add eurots, simple animations, and transit to my videos. One of my top priorities for my video is to do them.

I also use it from time to time.Byword is an excellent application for minialist spellings that use the Markdown satax I like to use because it allows you to format your writing without removing your hands from your keyboard ..

I’m writing most of my email sts at bayley after I put them in Evernote, and I write my book.

Byword is the application on the left; on the right, I have another application.

WordPress is the content management system to which Info Geek is building. If you went through my construction books.

Since it is open source and has a huge user base, there is a ton of available plugins and themes, and this is able configurable …

Evernote can help you.

I paint all my videos and blog entries here, keep a gifant list of ideas on the subject, and also confer notes for frequently used texts (podcast show notes, etc.). I also took most of my notes (well, the ones I decided were.

Dropbox simplifies my life from my first year, and I consider it

I’m using it these days, too.

I’m not a fan of using a real website on Twitter, so I use Tweetdeck to stay in touch with people. Twitter is my fast social network, so it’s the only thing that has a special app on my computer …

On my Mac and iPhone, I’m using excelent.

Like I said in the subcutout episode.

The solution, then, must have different passwords for everything-and-LastPass helps me manage them all. In fact, most of my passwords in these days are just super-long threads, even I don’t know them …

2014 was.

Look at the CIG archives-what did you notice? If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see that from mid-2012 to August this year, I rarely published more than 5 content units …

Now, look at the September list so far, I’ll be right back.

Bayer’s keeping me on this schedule. In fact, if I do not fall far too far from the “yellow brick road” shown in the figure above, my credit card will be charged no matter what I raised (currently $10). I don’t want to lose money, so I’m doing my job …

IFTTT is a really cool service that allows create recipes that combine the functions of other applications together ..

For example, I have one that puts my pictures on Instagram directly on my Twitter feed and apparently can’t get along with Twitter. I also have one that connects Bufer with Beinder in a cycle, which creates an even greater motivation for me to wake up early in the morning …

In addition to Gmail (which I have not mentioned in this post, but definitely use it quite often), Google Calendar can simply be a Web application that I use the longest. I use it a lot.

In my opinion, this is the perfect application of the calendar. You can create multiple calendars for elements and color codes of different parts of your life (classes, work, fun, etc.On my iPhone, I use excelent (and free).

An attempt is made to schedule meetings via e-mail.

A fully-verified application that eliminates this task. Since I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, this is a very important app; all I have to do is send a reference to my Callen s page, and they can choose a time from all that I have set up as available. The application will then automatically add the meeting to my Google Calendar ..

If you subscribe to get.

In addition to the e-mail that I draft manually every week (which updates you in podcasts, articles and videos), I can also create smart.

This figure is not even accurate, as I spend a lot of time listening to mine.

Alfred is an amazing app for OS X, which essally replaces Spotlight, and adds a ton of other useful downloads. I decided to purhim their power pack extension, so Alfred is doing a lot I hit the CMD + Space so I can tell you to open any other app, file or web page ..

I can also search Google with it, save and access my client history, create fragments of text for things that I have to connect a lot of time, and also do a white which bow …

I like OS X Yosemite, and I liked Lev and Mountain Lion. Apple has added a lot of great things to OS X since I started using the Mac in 2010 ..

However, one feature of Snow Leopard that I am.

Fortune, the smart developer take the time to create the TotalSpaces, which recovers the grid function in OS X and allows you to configure Hot Corners. For me, this is an important admission to my Mac …

As a coaster, I use a lot of Skype. This is the ideal way to talk to guests, and I can make record the interview with Call Recorder on my Mac …

I also brainstorm with friends through Skype, and once a month, I have a meeting with my breakfast club with my friends.

Sometimes I like to integrate the software scripts I use in my videos. Sometimes I’m gonna throw a video game (there’s a clip.

When I’m on Mac and I want to make Pomodoro, I use the FocusBoaster. This is a simple Adobe Air application that floates over other windows on your desktop. When you use a different program, it becoms almost transent ..

If you’re not at Mac,

I have keyboard shortcuts, and as soon as I activate it, I can fly a window I want. He even has a small window with a magnifier so I can be really accurate with my screenshots. After I have taken one, I can save it manually or press the button to automatically load it into Dropbox ..

Although my friend Martin built this version of CIG, I’m still en–in the rest development of web development these days. In fact, I will follow the new topic of CIG and have taken me all my functions so I can update things and make the site on your own …

Sublime Text 2 is my choice of code editor. It’s beautiful, yes, but also.

As an entrener, I have to keep track of all my come and expenses. Wave Accounting is a really good accounting program, and it.

Drafts are the foundation of mine.

After you type something, you can select any number of actions for that text. I really send my drafts to Evernote, where I process them later …

A great way to be even more secure on the Internet is to use it.

I have a 2-factor out on every possible account I can, and the Authy application for my iPhone allows you to eage manage them ..

Scanbot lets me take a quick photo of the receipt, which will then automatically load into my notebook of the Obtaining in Evernote. From there, I can input these Quiet system ..

Here’s a pattern of my main workspace! While I, of course, love to fill up a coffee shop to do my work on my work on my work on my work on my work, I do most of my work from this beautiful double Windows PC Monitor ..

The gearbox does not have a special order:

I wonder how I make the video. I have written.

I also use the board in my room as well as I’ve told you in detail about mine.

And finally, I use it.

Although many of the applications and services I use are free, some are either worth the default, or have a premium version that I have upgraded to …

Here’s an estimate of what I pay a month for them:

  • Mailchimp-$45 (used to be free until the number of my subscriber is over 2000).
  • If you are interested in using any of these applications or you want similar functionality, note that many of them have free versions or substitutes that work well (for example, Pixelmator is a great alternative to Photoshop $20) ..

    Why stop only with my settings and my fort applications? I think it’s very interesting to see other amazing people’s settings …

    To this end, I will enny the concept I have seen from other parts of the online world and the present.

    If you guys are on a call, send me your post-/video/whatever when you’re done and I’ll link to it here. If you’re ready for this, you’re going to get on with it and a mew more people. Let ‘ s see how people work and become more efficient …

    I’ll also note here what my friends are.

    You want to make better grades?You found this article useful?

    I’ll join us, and I’ll send you one too.

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